POL-HUN Company is known as a manufacturer of household items and was established in 1990. The Company specializes on toilet fresheners and cleaning products: toilet blocks, gels, air fresheners (sprays, gels, liquid), which are spread under ’’General Fresh’’ and ‘’Major Domus’’ labels. Moreover in Company’s range there are such items as: drain cleaners, liquids for dishwashing, kitchen sponges, garbage bags, aluminum foil and wipes etc.

Besides its own brands, POL-HUN is making products for big retailers such as Tesco, Real, Makro, Plus-Discount, Lidl, Henkel, Carrefour, Mattes.

POL-HUN’s products are known on international market for many years in such countries as Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus, Russia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Libya, USA, Ukraine and Estonia.

Nowadays Company employs more than 450 employees. Company grows steadily, developing and working to improve product quality. That’s the reason why company is equipped with analytical laboratory, several sophisticated production lines, modern equipment and functional structure. All quality of products meets organization of quality control standards ISO 9001: 2009.