In 2013 was established a joint project between KUPAVA Company and Marba International in packaging products under own brand KUPAVA – capsules and tablets for washing of white and colored clothes, dishwasher tablets, antikalk tablets, cleaning tablets for toilets and also for car windscreen. Production capacity of the line estimates at 1,5 billion per year, 300 million capsules per year and production capacity of pack 4,5 million tablets per month. This project is kept under strict control and is licensed by Marba International.

KUPAVA products were made as a result of many attempts and tests. Due to detailed researches,  quality of products meets organization of quality control standards – ISO 9001:2008 and is confirmed by thousand of positive feedbacks from all over Ukraine. During 2 years existence, Kupava’s products won a high place on Ukraine market, which indicates the right choice of our direction to development.

Household products for cleaning should be safe enough to use. Also they should be ecological, that’s why all tablets and capsules haven’t phosphates and are eco friendly.